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Blog #7

Crooke, A., & Travis , R. (2017). The healing power of hip hop. Retrieved from


This article from The conversation states the other side of hip hop, a side that many people don’t usually correlate it with. According to them, hip hop/rap music has healing properties. No one argues the part that many of the hip hop and rap music has some themes that the young ones should stay away from like excessive use of drugs, money and sex. Since this type of music has been popularized all over the world, it is being used in school as a resource for students. This type of music can give them an empowerment feeling, sense of individualism and overall help on their mental health. Schools and parents are using this because it is a very easy way to connect with the young ones. Through the music, they don’t feel alone, they feel like they are being understood and that it is ok to be just who they are.

Blog Essay #6

Jackson, N. (2018). What influence and Effects does rap music have on teens today? Retrieved from

The article on how to adult tells some influence and effects that rap music has on teens. In today’s music, sex, money and an expensive elegance is perceived as the ultimate goal to have. Some people think that teens that listen to very hypersexual songs, they might take part in very unsafe and irresponsible sexual practices but in reality, teens simply like that style and are actually more conscience about their actions. Modern rap music has another major characteristic which is misogynistic. Some might think that listening to this type of music, it would make you violent and a bad behaved person, but it is very not the case. It can actually be a way of learning of how not to be or act.

Blog #5


Policy Statement—Impact of Music, Music Lyrics, and Music Videos on Children and Youth. (2009). American Academy of Pediatrics (1488-1494) 

           Retrieved from

 This article from the American Academy of Pediatrics states how music is a huge part of today’s society especially in the young ones. The different points are complemented with both sides of the female and male differences. The same concepts refering to drugs, sex, and violence are now to become the normality in today’s songs that can have different effects on diffrent people which is why pediatrics should keep an eye if music could be the answer to many problems that they might encounter in their patients. A possible way to know if music plays a part on minors behavior could be to more aware of the music that they are listening to even though they might encounter the problem of not knowing what music they might be going against because of the popular use of earphones. 

Two writing tips

The first paper for our English class was over rap/hip-hop. There are a few very important tips I could give to someone writing this or any paper.  An extreme piece of advice that I would give to anyone taking this class or having to do this same paper would be to make sure that it is the length that it should be. It can be the best most detailed paper, but if it is not the length supposed, then there could go a couple of points. Another piece of advice I could give is to make sure you structure your paper properly. Having an easy transition between words and paragraphs makes it easier to read and understand not only to you but to your professor. Well-structured paragraphs in an essay can really level up your essay because it allows the reader to know that you are well aware and knowledgeable about your topic. Having your paper the correct length and in the proper structure is the basics of writing any type of paper for this and any english class. 

Hip Hop making their way into different races

There is nothing wrong with embracing other people’s culture or traditions but when the line get crossed is when it reaches cultural appropriation. When white or even latino people do rap or hip hop, personally, it seems like it doesn’t seem right or if it is not their place, however, I have learned to appreciate them. I understood that they are simply going along with what they feel comfortable and what they grew up around. Now, the only “problem” that I don’t like is when they use the N-word (regardless of the ending “a” or “er”). Starkey (2017) stated many ways in which that one word belittles people simply because of the color of their skin and how white slave masters would treat African Americans like if they were worthless. I believe that everyone is able to appreciate other people’s way of expressing themselves but just as long as it is being respectful and being a bit mindful of the past.

Rap Music and Its Effects On Women

Hip Hop/Rap music is known to objectify and belittle women by calling them all sorts of names for example. In our survey, the main focus was misogyny. The answers that we received were a bit contradictory. For instance, we had a question asking if hip hop music that talked “bad” about women was offensive towards them; the most popular answer was that they did not find it offensive. On the contrary, an open ended question in our survey was, ” How would you feel about your younger sister or daughter listening to rap music?” The majority of our answers were around the same range of not allowing them and simply being against it because of the message that the young ones could take in. This showed a tremendous contradiction because they said that they were not offended by the word choice in some of the songs but at the same time, they would not allow young girls listening to these types of songs. Since the majority of our respondents were female, we can agree that our initial thought that misogyny is a big factor in hip hop music was proven.

Why don’t teachers/proffessors teach hip hop in their classrooms?

Hip Hop and academics are something that does not always seem to fit in a classroom together for some reason. Since Hip hop can be something that doesn’t really get studied people started to question why hip-hop lyrics not often studied in high school or college. Primary, one of the reasons that Hip Hop does not get as studied like poetry is that some might regard hip hop as unprofessional and uneducated. Because of this, many professors and teachers might abstain from teaching hip hop in their classrooms to prevent any type of controversies or judgements from other teachers or parents. Many might say this because of where and who listens to this music but in reality, hip hop music contains structure, composition and sometimes a great message to uplift others. Furthermore, another reason why hip-hop lyrics are not studied in the classroom is that the message and word choice that some of these songs contain. It might seem inappropriate to hand out the lyrics of a song that calls women a few certain words or says in what types of illicit activities they are involved in. Some teachers might seem to stay away from hip hop because of some sort of judgement or even because of its content.  

Why is it important to study how music affects society?

Studying and diving deeper into how music affects us is important because it can show important details that we’re not able to see form just the surface. Some particular things that can be discovered by studying music could be how the overall population is doing and also what are people’s interest nowadays. Fist, if we were questioning how the American people were doing these days, we could look into what types of music are the ones with more streamings. Although this method might not be totally reliable, it could give a very good estimate of how the people are doing. The reason I think that this is a proper way to measure how people are doing is because if someone is extremely happy, they probably won’t listen to melancholic songs or if someone has depression, they might not listen to party rap songs. Another important reason to study music could be to sell. For example, a marketing team could look into the popular songs nationwide and see if those songs were mentioning the most expensive car or the latest phone, then that team could continue to advertise for those products since they already have an advertising boost from those songs and then create more potential sales. It is important to see how music affects us, either in emotions or in making us want something and since a great portion of the population are consistent music listeners, this could be the perfect way to influence us.

Project #3

  • Website:

  • 15 social media comments:
  • 2 paragraphs on Street art

In the world of Street art there is someone called Banksy that is pretty well known. He is known by his art and his style but no one knows his personal identity. I was able to see his work trough instagram. In his instagram, he has a lot of different styles and ways of getting his message across. Something that stood out to me was that in a majority of his work, he was children. Another thing is that there is not many color in his works, it is mainly white and black.

The reason that I think that he stays anonymous is because he does not want to be chased around as a foumous person or be judged by others and simply live his normal life and paint in his free time. Also, this might change the perception that people might have of him. Also, he tends to do illegal art, meaning most of the times in a wall without the owner’s permission which could creat some problems.

My 2 discourse communities

When people say they belong to different discourse communities, this means that they are able to communitcate with each other using specific lingo that only those people in that community would understand. Two discourse communnities that I’d say that I belong to would be the makeup community and the UNTD community. If I was to walk into a Sephora or an Ulta, with someone that knew nothing about makeup, they would probably look confused if they heard me say something like, ” Do y’all have the new Morphe brushes foundation?”, ” Could you tell me what finish this foundation has?” or ” Does this powder give you flashback?” There is a lot of terminology within the makeup world that I think that if I wasn’t familiar with, I would have a hard time too. Another discourse community I would say I belong to would be the UNTD community. If I was to be with two friends that attended UNTD as well and 1 that went to another school, they would probably feel left out of our converstion. For example, if I was to say, “Hey, there is a new blog topic on Canvas to do and post on WordPress!”, they would probably feel a bit confused like “What does it mean posted on canvas?” or if I said “Hey meet you at the back of Founders Hall where the tables are at!”. They would have some trouble findind out which one was founders hall and if it was an actuall hall or if it is a building and which one. Everyone has their own different discourse communities that they belong to, mine was makeup and UNTD. Most of us might not realize all the different communities that we belong to and the different word usage that we have for our different specific communities.